Places To Visit On Your First Trip To London


Have you ever visited London before? If not, then it’s the important update for you buddy! London is the place of paradise where you can experience the world’s best moments in your life. It brings the glory and endless joy to the people who visit London for the first time. It’s the place of love where we can get exciting views and places to visit. You can feel heavenly when travelling around London and visit the memorials, gardens, fountains, museum and few other places. So, you must set your travel plans and a peaceful hotel to stay in London during the visit.

For this, you can pick the Park Grand Paddington court, an excellent place to with luxurious facilities. The Shaftesbury Premier London Notting Hill and hotels near Hyde Park are also most recommended hotels in London that can help you with the sightseeing.

Big Ben and London Eye

Big Ben and houses of parliament are located on the banks of Thames. Big Ben is the name of the giant bell (clock) which is located near to the north part of the palace of Westminster. Being the first visit to London, try to keep a tour guide to visit such a famous spot. People can visit the houses of parliament, but they need to be UK residential holder. This could be a hard thing to digest, but it’s a real fact.

London eye is located near the London south bank with the height approximately 400 feet. This also recorded the world’s tallest Ferris wheel with amazing features. This place is recorded as one of the most viewing points in London by the people who tour London.

Trafalgar Square

This is one of the most visiting places where you can witness plenty of landmarks and memorable moments. The Trafalgar Square is located in the centre of London, Westminster, which is also known by Charing Cross. This place features memorable gatherings, protests, climate change campaigns and more.

Camden Town

Camden is located north of Charing Cross about 3.9 km distance. This is the central part of administrative Centre of London borough. This is also selected as one of the 35 major parts of greater London. Now Camden is undergoing a lot of developments and reinforcements to improve its status. However, the street of Camden town is filled with extraordinary shopping places, music and marketing industries.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the home of Queen of London where they are living since the mid-19th century. This also runs as the monarch’s administrative headquarters. It’s one of the important places to visit while your trip to London for the first time. People are also allowed inside to get the wonderful experience of viewing the priceless furniture’s, art, and much more.

When you walk across the London city, you will experience the amazing places, which could be an effective one. Also, a walk can take you to the adventures parts of London. The climate of the city is also famous just like its amazing destinations and places. It is just completely unpredictable! All set? Make sure to enjoy your every moment when in this city!


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